Alex Chaffins, resident artist from Vandergrift, demonstrated his talent at the Greensburg campus. Chaffins is no rookie when it comes to murals. In fact, these large scale paintings are one of his specialties, Redstone’s being the 12th completed. Prior to COVID, Redstone received a grant to be allocated to our Greensburg campus. The grant ensured that residents could enjoy an encouraging corner to celebrate their rehabilitation through physical therapy. Both volunteers and Redstone staff assisted Chaffins in coloring in the outline of the naturistic scene This mural differed slightly from Chaffin’s usual process, adding this will only be his second mural using youth volunteer hands. “I think that the youth are the future,” Says Chaffins. To best serve our residents who inspire us through their hard work and perseverance, the theme is “Hope Grows at Redstone.” Chaffins painted a 36 foot mural depicting grass, flowers, butterflies, and a strong Oak tree spanning the length of the walls outside of the physical therapy room. In tandem with this segment of the artwork is a wide-reaching Monarch butterfly filled with bright autumnal tones, staff even joking the resemblance of a Redstone uniform. The Monarch will serve as a point where graduating residents of physical therapy will photographed as they transform into a stronger version of themselves. A quote reading “Spread your wings and fly” can be spotted above the Monarch, serving as inspiration to the theme. Staff, volunteers, and Chaffins reflected on the purpose of the mural, adding it was an important addition to this hallway. “A lot of things inspired me about this mural for Redstone,” Chaffins says, “Art is my weapon to create colorful spaces in such a dark, sad time. Let alone, give a message of hope that we can all bloom again regardless of what is happening.” We can’t wait to see resident photos full of smiles and pride. The creative process can be seen both on our Facebook and Instagram pages: @redstonehighlands. Head on over to social media and check out what Redstone is buzzing about!

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