Living Meaningfully with Dementia

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Our Terrace Program combines Dr. Montessori’s philosophy of learning and living with Redstone’s dementia care best practices in both our personal care and skilled nursing settings.

It is not a technique, task or intervention. It’s a way of living one’s life to the fullest extent possible. Finding meaning today may be different from what that was in the past, but as life changes, so do the things that give it meaning. For individuals living with dementia, these meaningful experiences are both possible and essential to living a satisfying life. We are all unique and should live authentically through our whole life’s journey.

Our Approach

  • Persons living with dementia are encouraged to do as much for themselves as possible. Care partners take their time to encourage the individual to participate in daily care activities which promote more independence. They break down tasks into smaller steps and give directions one simple step at a time making tasks easier for the person to complete.
  • Engaging activities center around each person’s cognitive abilities. Materials for these activities are visually and physically accessible to the individual.
  • Care partners practice with the person to help them relearn previous roles or enjoy new ones. The more they do this, the easier it becomes until eventually, they are able to perform most or all simple tasks on their own.
  • Individuals living with dementia are encouraged to repeat activities and develop routines which, in turn, helps the person to be more independent.

The Terrace Personal Care at Redstone

The Terrace personal care program is a residential program for individuals living with dementia. Private and semi-private suites are available at Redstone’s Murrysville and North Huntingdon locations.

Contact us today to learn more about or our memory care programs in Murrysville and North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania.

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