Benevolent Care at Redstone

“Redstone residents can look forward to each new day knowing that their home will always be here. That’s the promise of Benevolent Care. That’s the promise that we make at Redstone.”

As our elderly residents live longer, more productive, and more vital lives, we look forward to greater opportunities to serve them and to be enriched by them. We anticipate a future that will greater ennoble this important segment of our population and in which will grow and share in their grace and wisdom.

Redstone has made the moral commitment to never ask a resident to leave because their assets have been depleted through no fault of their own. Once a resident, always a resident for those who become part of our Redstone promise through the traditional entrance fee process. Redstone provided its first Benevolent Care promise to a resident in 1988, only eight years after opening doors, and has upheld the promise ever since.

Currently, Redstone Presbyterian SeniorCare absorbs $1 million in Medical Assistance shortfalls. In addition, the cost of care for many residents who do not qualify for Medical Assistance or other government programs, nearly $500,000, is absorbed. It is anticipated that even more residents will need financial assistance in the future. These are people who have contributed much more over the years to their families, professions, communities, and charities. Now they need our help.

How can I support Redstone’s commitment to Benevolent Care?

Many choose to make annual gifts of support to Redstone to support Benevolent Care. Others choose to make an estate gift to our endowment fund. We hope that all whose lives have been enriched at Redstone will consider including Redstone in a legacy plan. We also hope that you will share the importance of supporting Redstone with your family and friends. A gift to Benevolent Care in your honor or memory is a very special way to help support residents in financial need.