Coronovirus: Updates & Visitor Information

Coronavirus: COVID-19 Updates

While the COVID-19 Pandemic is frightening, we want to assure you that we are confident in our ability to care for your loved ones at Redstone. This is an unprecedented time, but our highest priority is protecting our residents, their families, and our employees.

Honesty is a core value at Redstone and is very important in our infection control processes. When you visit one of our campuses, please complete the screening process truthfully. Visitors who exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 who have been exposed to someone known to have tested positive are not permitted inside our facilities. Unvaccinated persons should not enter our buildings after any exposure or when exhibiting any symptoms.



Monday, September 25, 2023

We are beginning to see a downward trend in the number of new Covid cases on our campuses.

On 9/9 we had one North Huntingdon employee, one Greensburg employee, and one Murrysville employee test positive.

On 9/10 we had one Greensburg Courtyard (Personal Care) resident test positive

On 9/11 we had no additional cases

On 9/12 we had one rehab services employee test positive, an additional Murrysville employee, and an additional Murrysville Courtyard (Personal Care) resident test positive.

On 9/13 we had one additional rehabilitation employee test positive

On 9/17 one Redstone@Home employee tested positive.

Even with this decline in new cases, we remain in active outbreak status in the Skilled Nursing Facility (1st floor) and the Courtyard (Personal Care) in Murrysville. Visitors are reminded that visiting on our campus may increase the risk of exposure to Covid. If you are feeling unwell, please delay your visit until you have fully recovered.

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Our Covid cases this week have seen some significant increases with the following positive test results:

Redstone@Home Employees: 2

Skilled Nursing Residents: 2

North Huntingdon Employees: 2

Murrysville PC Residents: 7

Murrysville Employees: 2

5-Star Staffing Employee: 1

In areas where we have an active outbreak visitors will be required to wear surgical masks during visits. If you are feeling unwell, please do not visit. Please keep in mind that visiting residents, especially in these outbreak areas, may result in exposure to the Covid-19 virus.

Thursday, August 31, 2023

In the past week we have seen the following positive Covid cases across Redstone:

3 Redstone@Home employees

1 Skilled Nursing employee and one Skilled Nursing resident

1 Greensburg Dietary employee

2 Greensburg Personal Care employee and one Personal Care resident

Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Our Covid outbreak continues on our Greensburg campus, unfortunately. In the past week, 1 dietary employee, 1 rehab employee, 1 Redstone@Home employee, 1 Greensburg campus employee, and one skilled nursing employee have tested positive. We must go 14 days without an additional case in order to clear this “outbreak status.” Visitors are reminded that visiting at Redstone Greensburg at this time may result in an increased risk of exposure to Covid-19. If you are planning to visit and feeling unwell, we encourage you to delay your visit until a future time when your symptoms have subsided. At this time, visitors in our skilled nursing facility must mask when visiting, and careful handwashing is encouraged.

Monday, July 31, 2023

We had one additional Covid diagnosis in our Skilled Nursing Facility this past week. Visitors must continue to wear masks when visiting in this area, and are reminded that the risk for exposure to the Covid virus is increased while visiting during this current outbreak. If you are feeling unwell or have symptoms of Covid, we encourage you to delay your visits until you are feeling well. Thank you for your support.

Monday, July 24, 2023

Since Thursday, July 20th we have had two additional skilled nursing home residents test positive for Covid, along with five additional employees. State and federal regulations require that we continue to test for and report cases of Covid in our clinically licensed facilities. Masks are still required when visiting in the nursing home. Visiting during this current outbreak may result in exposure to the Covid virus. If you are feeling unwell, please delay your visits. Continue to practice good hand hygiene, and receive your vaccines and boosters when you are eligible. Thank you for your cooperation and support!

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

We continue to update you on the Covid outbreak we are seeing in our skilled nursing facility in Greensburg. We have had nine residents who have tested positive, and six team members. One of those team members has passed the five-day marker and is testing negative. This current “outbreak” will be in effect until at least August 2nd. During that time masks must be worn on the unit, even by visitors. You are reminded that visiting in this unit at this time may result in exposure to Covid. At this time this is the only level of care that we have seen positive cases. We continue to remind you to delay your visits if you are feeling unwell, practice good handwashing techniques, and get your vaccines and boosters when you are eligible. Thank you.

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

As of last evening we had six residents and four team members from the Skilled Nursing Facility in Greensburg test positive for Covid. Masks must be worn during visits in this unit. Please avoid visiting on this unit and then visiting residents in other levels of care. Make sure that you are practicing good hand hygiene, and delay your visits if you are feeling unwell. At this time, visiting in our Skilled Nursing Facility may result in exposure to the Covid virus. Last, consider receiving your vaccinations for Covid and other communicable diseases when you are eligible, to protect yourself and our residents.

Monday, July 17, 2023

Unfortunately, we are seeing cases of Covid-19 increase in the external community, and this is reflected in our workforce. Today, we have had three employees who work in our Skilled Nursing Unit in Greensburg test positive. This instituted our process of “outbreak testing” to ensure there are no additional cases. We must reinstate the requirement for masking for employees and visitors in the Nursing Home. We will notify visitors when this mask requirement is lifted. We encourage you to receive vaccinations that protect you against Flu, Covid, and other communicable diseases when you are eligible. Vaccines protect not just you, but the fragile residents you may come in contact with during your visits. Visiting in the Skilled Nursing Facility may increase exposure to the Covid-19 virus. Visitors are reminded to delay their visits if feeling unwell, practice good hand hygiene, and abide by mask protocols in the building.

At this time, cases are limited to the Greensburg campus. We will update this site as needed with additional cases.


For questions about visitation policies or procedures, please contact the Campus Director on the campus where your resident resides:

Greensburg Campus: Stephanie Goga (

Murrysville Campus: Susan Rothrauff (

North Huntingdon Campus: Nina Toomey (

Suggested Visiting Hours

Suggested visiting hours in clinical areas (Courtyard, Personal Care, Terrace, and the Harbor Skilled Nursing) are 9 am to 8 pm daily.

Virtual Visits

Do you live far away or are you unable to visit your resident due to illness or other circumstances? Consider scheduling a virtual visit! A lifestyle team member will reach out to you after receiving the appointment request to finalize details of your visit.