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The Vegetable Men


A small group of male Redstone residents participate in a weekly prayer breakfast at a local church.  Another Redstone resident operates a food pantry that occasionally has excess fresh produce.  The guys in the prayer group take the extra produce for distribution at the church’s food pantry.  The motto: “Nothing goes to waste.” If you have an experience you’d like to share, please contact me at ldickson@redstone.org. Linda Dickson is the Director of Community Relations at Redstone

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Capturing the Redstone Spirit!


How do your capture a spirit?  Is it contagious? Is it a divine gift?  Is it learned?  Is it an inoculation?  Perhaps, but in reality, it is much simpler and personal than all of that. We have experienced a spirit at Redstone.  It is an aura; it is in the atmosphere; it may be in the water as the saying goes; it surrounds Redstone residents so subtly and completely that it often goes unremarked.  Indeed, it is remarkable because it is so natural and low-key.  It is the unexpected invitation; the genuine compliment; the perfectly natural helping hand with a difficult task; the bedside visit; the meal appearing [...]

Capturing the Redstone Spirit!2023-06-01T08:42:07-05:00
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