The Power of Community


As we age, the importance of community becomes increasingly evident. Many older adults find themselves craving the connection and support that a vibrant community provides. This is one of the biggest benefits of moving to a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC). In a world where aging can often feel isolating, CCRCs offer a lifeline of social interaction and camaraderie that significantly enhances the quality of life. The Magic of a CCRC Community A CCRC is designed to provide a continuum of care, from independent living to assisted living and skilled nursing care, all within one community. But beyond the practical [...]

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Living Life to the Fullest With Parkinson’s Disease


Parkinson's disease (PD) is a progressive condition where part of the brain deteriorates over time. PD primarily affects muscle control, movement, balance and mental focus. While there's a lot to be learned about this challenging disease, it is still possible to maintain and improve your quality of life. A Day in the Life of Someone Living With Parkinson’s Disease Because of the way PD develops, every individual can experience symptoms differently, impacting their ability to engage in daily tasks. It can take time to adjust to these changes, but lifestyle modifications are possible to continue doing your favorite activities. Getting [...]

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Retiring Near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Retirement is an excellent time to explore new interests and places. When considering where to settle down, ensure you’ll love the location. Pittsburgh is one of the best places to retire in Pennsylvania, and you can learn why in this guide. Is Pittsburgh a Good Place To Retire? Yes. Pittsburgh has grown to accommodate one of the nation’s largest aging populations and is known as one of the best places to retire in Pennsylvania. There are ample reasons older adults love this area: the friendly faces, diversity and low living cost make an ideal environment to explore new opportunities. 1. [...]

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Brain Health for Older Adults


As we age, we begin to notice changes in how we think. Our brains change as we get older, and small things like forgetting where you placed the keys can become more common. These regular changes can be off-putting when they happen more frequently, but they are not always a sign of a cognitive condition such as dementia or Alzheimer's disease. Below, you can find more information about brain aging and steps to improve your brain health as you age. Explore Memory Care Options What Is Brain Health? Brain health encompasses many facets, including tactile function, cognitive health, motor function [...]

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Baby Boomer Health Care Crisis


What Is the Baby Boomer Health Care Crisis? With many baby boomers reaching retirement age, our health care system must adapt to support their needs. This generation received its name when couples began having an influx of children following World War II. As children, this generation was a vast part of the population, growing to become one of the largest generations in America. Now, the large numbers of retiring adults are currently affecting the health care system. As millions of baby boomers need care services, the workforce and health care industry will face increasing challenges to ensure the health of [...]

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Redstone to Host the Murrysville Woman’s Club Annual Art Show


Join us on Friday & Saturday April 21-22 for the Murrysville Woman's Club Annual Art Show. This event will be held on our Murrysville campus, located at 4951 Cline Hollow Rd, Murrysville, PA 15668. Art will be displayed from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on Friday and from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm on Saturday. Diane Murray will be the show's judge. Submission for artwork is open to experienced, amateur and student (to age 18) artists, with a limit of (3) pieces per entrant. All work must be original, no molds, kits or copies. All work must be framed and [...]

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Chef Dan Cooking Demos


Unique and engaging resident life is what we strive for at Redstone. Morrison, our Dining Services partner, ensures that residents feel the same way when it comes to their meals. Chef Dan is Morrison’s Executive Chef. He travels to each Redstone campus to demonstrate his wildly delicious recipes. Some months Chef Dan picks the super food, a nutrient-rich in-season item, and makes a meal of it. For example, October’s super food proved to be apples from Schramm’s in which Chef Dan baked into a delicious Autumn Apple Chicken. November’s spotlight was Mediterranean Shrimp and December showed Honey Mustard Walnut Crusted [...]

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Joe Rusinko ‘Goghs’ to Pittsburgh!


Established in 2005, Redstone’s Wishing Well Program gives residents the chance to check an item off their bucket list. This program is funded kindly by donors who enjoy seeing the smiles our residents radiate as they experience their requests. Since its conception, we have granted so many wishes like a ride in the sidecar of a motorcycle, a GED test, and our most recent trip to Van Gogh’s Immersive Experience. North Huntingdon resident Joe Rusinko, age 76, was nominated to take his turn in making an everlasting memory, granted by our Wishing Well Team. His wish, made true on Friday, [...]

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Redstone Goes Trips and Tours: Cheese, Mud, & Memories


Redstone Goes Trips and Tours has been happy to return to some travel adventures this fall.  Redstone’s trips and tours provide wonderful opportunities for residents, prospective residents, employees, and friends from the community to share fun experiences, with proceeds benefitting benevolent care at Redstone. In October, a group of 40 adventurers headed to Vermont to enjoy Autumn delights.  One of our afternoon excursions took us to the Crowley Cheese Factory, the oldest cheesemaking operation in production in the United States.  The rustic building, remote location, and delicious cheese tastings were fun.  As always, our excellent driver Jerry from Elite Coach [...]

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The Montessori Philosophy at Redstone


Jim used to be the town mechanic. He was known for his speedy appointments and many different services. His skills made him the go-to-guy for all repairs. Jim loved working on cars, he loved finding solutions to problems that no one could solve. When Jim began to show signs of cognitive decline, his family worried about him living on his own. They started to look at care homes that would best suit Jim’s hobbies and lifestyle, somewhere he would be happy and feel at home. Jim’s family stressed the importance of memory care, as Jim had recently been diagnosed with [...]

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