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Brain Health for Older Adults


As we age, we begin to notice changes in how we think. Our brains change as we get older, and small things like forgetting where you placed the keys can become more common. These regular changes can be off-putting when they happen more frequently, but they are not always a sign of a cognitive condition such as dementia or Alzheimer's disease. Below, you can find more information about brain aging and steps to improve your brain health as you age. What Is Brain Health? Brain health encompasses many facets, including tactile function, cognitive health, motor function and emotional function. The way [...]

Brain Health for Older Adults2023-05-09T10:06:26-05:00

Baby Boomer Health Care Crisis


Baby Boomer Health Care Crisis With many baby boomers reaching retirement age, our health care system must adapt to support their needs. This generation received its name when couples began having an influx of children following World War II. As children, this generation was a vast part of the population, growing to become one of the largest generations in America. Now, the large numbers of retiring adults are currently affecting the health care system. As millions of baby boomers need care services, the workforce and health care industry will face increasing challenges to ensure the health of the nation. Redstone, a [...]

Baby Boomer Health Care Crisis2023-04-06T07:54:32-05:00
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